High Tech Solutions for Old-School Designs.

“Pattern Discontinued.”

Sometimes those two words can spell disaster.

There can be a million reasons why you HAVE TO HAVE a specific wallpaper that’s been discontinued.  It could be a restoration project.  It could be a nostalgia thing.  Maybe you’re trying to match a room that’s had partial damage. Or it could be that you have a fun idea to use an older wallcovering design in an entirely new way.

You can spend countless hours trying to track something down.  And all too often, you find that you’re simply out of luck. But now (cue the trumpet) … computer technology to the rescue.

If you have a sample big enough to show a full repeat of the pattern you want, we can scan it and digitally print whatever you need. (Naturally, this needs to be a copyright-free pattern – but that’s the whole point, right?) For example, you’re restoring a historic building, and find a left-over roll of the original paper tucked away in the attic.  Or you peel off a modern wallcovering and find a classic paper layered underneath. Just bring the sample into our showroom. Or you can even bring in a high-resolution digital photo of the paper, just as it appears on the wall. The clearer the image supplied, the better the reproduction will be.

Now, just imagine all the ways you can use this technology to create new design possibilities. For example, maybe your client has a vintage (non-copyrighted) fabric they’d like you to match. A hand-embroidered tablecloth that Grandma made.  Or maybe the upholstered cushion of a treasured Hepplewhite chair. We can scan the fabric and reproduce it as a wallcovering, too. And here’s where your design flair kicks in — colors and sizes are not important.  The digital printer can enlarge or reduce sizes, and add or subtract color, all to your specifications. For a minimal fee, a “strike-off” approval sample can be prepared before a full order is printed – so you always know exactly what you’re getting.

We’re the first ones to admit that sometimes technology gets in the way of aesthetics. Not here.  And that’s the irony. Thanks to this high-tech solution, we can help deliver the high-touch look you need.

To learn more about this process, please visit Kenneth McDonald’s Showroom at The Stonemill Design Center.

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