“Thing 1 and Thing 2” Brighten Up A Wish and A Whisk!

There’s nothing better then a cheerful Dr Seuss cake to brighten up a fall afternoon! Case in point: this wonderful Dr’ Seuss inspired confection from A Wish and a Whisk here at The Stonemill Design Center;

” This happy little cake went to a fun birthday party to celebrate a special little guys first birthday today! This cake has a lot more meaning tied into it then what first meets the eye. When we were talking about design, my client asked for me to include something special in her sons birthday cake. She and her husband sadly lost their first little baby boy at birth and they wanted to have some kind of a symbol and his initials on the cake to honor him since they were unable to celebrate his first birthday too. So when I started researching Dr Seuss I instantly came up with using Thing 1 and Thing 2 as the theme, with the characters representing their 2 sons! I put their first little boys initials on the bottom of the Thing 1’s tag, and the birthday boys initials on Thing 2. The story of the cake is that Thing 1 is reaching up and giving Thing 2 balloons for his birthday, symbolizing that his brother is always with him and there celebrating with them today! It was an honor to work with them, thank you for letting me share your story and your day with you! Happy First Birthday to Kevin!!!! :)”

| Original content and images via A Wish and a Whisk |

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