Kenneth McDonald Designs Presents: The Hand Painted Perfection of Jab.

This just in from the team down at Kenneth McDonald Designs here at The Stonemill Design Center:

“The diverse and rather eclectic designs of Jab‘s Botanica, yields a beautifully combined collection of wallpapers containing many exquisite prints inspired by antique paintings and botanical prints.”

New for 2012, these bold floral and organic prints are combined with subtly detailed papers using inspirations from 17th and 18th century Dutch still-life paintings and botanical illustrations. The collection features hand painted watercolors paired with metallic grounds that produce a subtly modern overall feel and a dynamic three-dimensional effect.

Wallcoverings include Tulipa, Botanica, Murus, Hortus Gallicus, Papilio, Bamboo, Orientals, Regina Paradisi, Papilio Foil, Botanica Foil, Aviarium, Aviarium Foil, Tulipa Foil, Lineum and Lineum Foil.

| Original Content via Kenneth McDonald Designs |

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