KMD asks: “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

KMD New LogoWith Valentine’s Day just behind us, everyone is most likely trying to hide from the explosions of reds, pinks and purples that were splashed everywhere from supermarkets to front doors. Which is why we thought this posting from Kenneth McDonald Designsfriends at York Wallcoverings to be quite timely:

Let’s face it, deep luscious pink can be a hard color for your guy to “love” in the home,
 but what’s love got to do with it anyway?

Really, there ought to be a place in every 
gal’s décor scheme that puts her in touch with her feminine side. Pink is a positive color; its tranquil and soothing, making it the perfect backdrop for a restful bedroom.
 Ronald Redding’s Boutonniere wallpaper design is exactly right in so many ways capturing the recent velvet tufted trend and providing the allure of an upholstered wall
 with all of the practicality of wallpaper.”

Or perhaps your décor is just a little more contemporary?  Try a feature wall behind the sofa with York’s Toss the Bouquet design, glistening with just a touch of silver glitter;
 or a powder room with Jackie Oh! he hot new houndstooth design, both from
 York’s Risky Business.

Pink balances a room.  Think of it as the sublime melding of the passion and power of red, softened with the purity, and openness of white. Try an accent chair or throw caution to the wind and make a statement with walls, furniture and accent pieces; he’ll love you for its “all is right with the world” effect and you can return the favor next month and re-do his man cave!  You’ve got to love the balance!

| Original Content via Kenneth McDonald Designs|

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