“Why Milgard?” with California Glass!



  • Reason #1: Milgard Offers Exceptional Quality

For over 50 years, Milgard has been known for dependability. Their windows are made from high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to give you superior performance and durability. BUILDER Magazine, the leading media brand in the residential construction industry, has recognized Milgard Windows & Doors as the 2012 Brand Leader in Overall Vinyl Quality.

  • Reason #2: Milgard Is An Innovative Leader

Others might be satisfied with the status quo, but not Milgard. Their Tuscany™ Series Vinyl Windows have been designed for replacing existing windows and doors or for new construction. They are the choice of many reputable contractors such as California Glass & Window in Orange County at The Stonemill Design Center.

  • Reason #3: Milgard Windows Come With A Full Lifetime Warranty

They stand behind every window and patio door they build; parts labor and in many series even glass breakage is covered. If something covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty needs attention, Milgard factory-trained technicians go out and make it right, at no cost to you. As an added benefit, if you sell your home, Milgard will automatically extend full warranty coverage for 10 years from the effective date of the original warranty to the successive owners, free of charge.

  • Reason #4: Milgard Windows Are Built Close To Home

Choosing a company that is close to home has many advantages. Your orders can arrive in days instead of weeks. Factory-trained technicians can reach you faster. You have the reassurance that you’re getting windows specifically designed for your unique climate. Choosing Milgard can also help drive the Orange County economy.

Made in Southern California for California homes!

657907| Original content and images via California Windows |

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