Going Nautical with Fontenay.

Fontenay LogoFontenay announces the public release of their Nautical Timbers hardwood flooring, named as a “New Product of the Year, by This Old House Magazine”.

With over 70 identified species of wood, and many, which remain unidentified, these trees were originally the result of clear-cutting of forests during the development of worldwide ports.   The lumber was used as ballast and cribbage in ships, from around the turn of the century, until the containerization of vessels in the 70’s.  It was then accumulated for waste and firewood and piled in a yard at the Port of Los Angeles.  Procured in the acquisition of that property, in the mid-80’s, it was moved to the storage yard where we acquired it.  This absolutely irreplaceable wood is offered in both factory and custom colors.

Nautical Timbers

Please visit us at the new Fontenay showroom, in the Stonemill Design Center, 2915 Redhill Ave, F-105, Costa Mesa, CA, 10a-5p M-F.  By appointment, or by chance, off-hours.

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