Freshening up your Palete for Spring!

KMD New LogoYou’re looking around your home, and you feel restless. You are craving something new, something different.  You want something that will catch your eye and stimulate your senses.

You’ve got Spring Fever!

Don’t worry.  We here at Kenneth McDonald Designs get that way too! It’s nothing that a little inspiration can’t cure.

Here’s what’s new for spring this year:

Pantone’s Spring Palette

FRESH NEW COLOR:  This year’s hot, new color is Emerald.  A vivid, lush green, it is the color of ageless luxury and elegance.  It is also the color of growth and renewal.  It is fresh, but not a pastel; so its rich saturation of color satisfies our desire for boldness and dramatic design.  The season’s latest palette, which has been described as a balance between classic and novelty hues, has some really fun colors as well.  Pairing these exciting new colors with Monaco Blue and Linen as your neutrals is what you can expect to find in home furnishings this year.

| Original Content via Kenneth McDonald Designs at The Stonemill Design Center |

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