Picture This: “White Box Challenge 2013” Vignettes.

WBOX-Logo1One last time…. let’s take a walk down memory and remember the talented people who all worked hard to make this year’s inaugural White Box Challenge a success!

WhiteBox_2_Serendipite_0435-4x200Designer: Valerie Ribeiro
Inspiration: Cosentino

WhiteBox_3_RaadGhantous_1849-4x200Designer: Raad Ghantous
Inspiration: Baccarat

Whitebox_4_MeghanYang_9062-4x200Designer: Meghan Yang
Inspiration: Lightopia 

WhiteBox_5_KFermInc_9115-4x200 Designer: Kelly Ferm
Inspiration: Associated Building Supply, Inc

WhiteBox_6_HNicholasInts_1711-4x200Designer: Hillary Nichols
Inspiration: Harsey & Harsey

WhiteBox_7_CastleDesign_1617a-4x200 Designer: Diane Romick
Inspiration: KETTAL/Designers Resource Collection

WhiteBox_8_AFlammDesign_1534-4x200Designer: Alix Flamm
Inspiration: Kenneth McDonald Designs

WhiteBox_9_Urbanism_1457-4x200Designer: Krista Stamps & Rebecca Corbin
Inspiration: Creative Window Designs

| Photos via Jim Doyle at www.APGS.net |

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